Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Sonorous Blocks-An Expression of Color

SONOROUS BLOCKS -An Expression of color

As an artist we all speak one language and that is colors.Our ideas can take any shape, layout but the soul resides with the myriad of colors that we pour in.Among such quest led me to the door of Expression craft.I could not contain my excitement when I received my Design Team kit and the moment I laid eyes on the Expression Craft Sprinkle Mist I knew I had to try them.
 let's get rolling...I picked up some boxes that resembled like blocks of wood.I wanted various sizes and thickness so I could play with dimension.I masked these boxes with masking tapes and enforced on the edges to create crisp edges.

Now I took canvas cloth to cover the boxes.I love working with this substrate as it is flexible.Ensure you have boxes differing in heights and sizes this will help to build  a composition. 

now I wanted to add something that would create a nice ambiance to it .so ,I used handles on it.See how it lights up instantly.

Once this done,I went ahead and used the Expression Craft Art essential black gesso.

Now I wanted to create a denser look on the edges of the block and lighter towards the center.Finally decided on this look.After sun drying it This is the look I landed with.

I decided to make the blocks gritty and and uniform without any excess gesso sticking on the surface so I decide to distress it to get that concrete look.This was the moment, I was  waiting . I took Expression Craft sprinkle mist Forest Green...and it just blew the lid of my expectation.Trust me on this when I say that these colors have a vibrancy to it.Then there was no stopping me after that. I was in experiment mode...
and I began to build layers of colors .To make it light at some places I used Titanium White.Keep switching colors as it helps to build layers and remember to leave space between colors so you could fill more colors of your liking.The colors will eventually start to peek and you can intensify the vibrancy to your liking.

The most integral part is placement, this will just give you an idea how your dimensions will be at play .I did not want to keep the eyes busy with other elements because that would take away the feel of the color.I wanted to keep it very calming and symmetrical.I love the Oriental Filigree Mandala chipboard and decided how to place it.What is important in a decor is its connectivity.

See, how that Mandala chipboard just highlights the royal blues beneath and looks pleasing to the eye.I have learnt from experience that Less is definitely more. I hope by sharing this  helps you to think out of box and create interesting ideas .....take shape. 
If interested what colors I used just check the product listing down.There is also a small video to get you motivated.

It's been an amazing start of the year and I am thankful to Expression Craft for giving me this platform to share. 

 Product listing
Immix Sprinkle Mist -Forest Green
Immix  Sprinkle Mist-Deep Teal Blue
 Immix Sprinkle Mist-Titanium White