Monday, 4 February 2019

Mixed media Canvas - Euonia-A beautiful thinking

Hi Friends,

I am Vandana, we are again in  creative path to  learn something today.Lot of  artists who are learning this art new,  are asking me this question how do I come to understand the art of layering and when one knows when to stop.
It is a very difficult answer as there is lot to experience in this type of technique.I would suggest that people start with papers over lapping and trying to take lot of photos to understand if it is pleasing to eye.

We are so overwhelmed with lot of embellishments and we want to project that in our work and after a point it looks over loaded.The biggest point is to understand that Less is More.There are few bullet points that will help you to overcome this hurdle for basic understanding.This is just for beginners especially who are trying to understand the concept.

1.Decide with a theme

2. If you working with a theme then go collecting the things that makes more connection to it.For ex if I want a garden theme I would go looking for some embellishments that support that theme.Like leaves chipboard,butterflies,flowers etc.

3.The Base makes all the difference,for starters do it on a small canvas.This will help you to give a restricted space.Automatically you will reconsider whether  you want so many things to add on or not.

4.Once you have decided ,then remove all the other embellishments or add on that you might want to grab on the table.Imagine if you will ,that this is the last of your stash and this is what has been given to come up with idea....then you will push yourself to limit to the embellishments and keep the idea simple.

5.Remember Layering is a technique that varies from one style art to another.I have shown how to do it with a photo layout.In this case ,the attention has to be given to layout but the photo needs to highlight.This is the same rule for scrapbook layout.

Though I have enough experience, I still give a lot of exercise to myself in the art of restraint.It is something of a great value to consider when to stop and my entire video lays emphasis on that.Hope you all love it and keep voicing out your doubts to us we are happy to help.Please to understand creativity also comes with disciplining yourself.Here is a small art exercise video just to tell you that keep your ideas simple and just enjoy the process.

Products included:

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  1. Very well explained tutorial dear . For new crafters it was a must learn one , as they r always confused how to do the layering

  2. Thank you so much for the details on how to go about the layout and what things to be considered. Really helpful

  3. Great project, loved the colors!

  4. Beautifully done.... love it💗💗