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Mixed Media Live Class

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Venetian Mask Mixed Media Class | Event in NA | B square crafts suppliers | Townscript
Did you get excited and want to start working with Sculptor Tex Contour Medium? Which we have launched recently. This medium is awesome and super fun to work with.Today we are sharing with u all an amazing and new concept in crafting. We are coming up with exclusive live classes which u can avail with Pre-registration with us. Now let me tell u all the benefits of these classes. These courses are going to be high end classes being made available to u all at very discounted rates, that's not all, we will be sending u the complete kit for the class so u don’t have to look here and there for the right elements . U will be joining our experts live and learning from them and if u have any doubts or queries they will also be cleared. Our coaching team will be available later also to solve any issues of surface if any. Secondly the live video will be accessible to u for a maximum period of 30 days ...just imagine for 30 days u can access it and finish your course in the comfort of your house and at the most feasible time for u .

Who can learn this course?
Definitely a creative person who can be a newbie, armature crafters, professionals, hobby crafters, craft tutors who wants to try your hands on this new Sculptor Tex medium

You will Learn..
*To make your own Back ground
*Wide knowledge about Choosing the right color, the right surface, the right fabric,
*Method to blend the fabric with the medium
 *Coloring the finished projects and
*many more tips and techniques.

So now here is our course details

First course:
Name of the course:  Venetian Mask
Date:9th of March
Course Fee: 2000 INR (with materials)
Name of the Tutor: Priya Gajjar

Tickets can be booked on Here

Second Course:
Name of the course: Deep into the ocean
Date: 8th of March
Course Fee : 2000 INR (with materials)
Name of the Tutor: Bhavani Balaji

Tickets can be booked on Here

For more details please contact us @

These are the two exciting course which you are going to learn this month. We have one more introductory offer also those who register for both the courses they are gonna avail 10% more discount. Isn’t that more interesting and excited We are planning for limited registrations only. so this will be an early bird opportunity.
Do join this amazing opportunity and learn how to create awesome projects with our team

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